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We add the filters so that all you have is clean air

Prolong the lifetime of the air duct system in your home. Learn the best tips on how to make it happen.

Improving air quality with UV cleansers

UV cleansers are effective way of removing bacteria, germs, molds and other particles in your HVAC system that may cause airborne and respiratory diseases. There are different brands of UV cleansers that you can purchase. Make sure to pick one that is trusted. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the manual that comes with it. They are usually placed above coils and on ductworks.

Professional air duct cleaning

There are things that you can do to prevent the fast accumulation of dirt on your air ducts. If your air ducts are easily accessible, you can regularly clean them yourself by using a vacuum and wiping them with clean wet cloth. But since this cannot completely remove germs, Air Duct Cleaning El Monte experts recommend having them cleaned by professionals every two years.

Maintaining your HVAC system

HVAC maintenance is important! Make sure that it is working efficiently when needed. Air Duct Cleaning El Monte experts suggest that you have your system checked before summer to ensure that it can cool the house properly and before winter for effective heating. When having your system checked, see to it that the coils are cleaned and that they drain the pans.

Maintain dryers regularly

If you notice that the dryer doesn't work properly or the clothes come out damp, proceed with dryer vent repair. The experts of our air duct company in El Monte insist that the lint concentrated in the vents prevents airflow. Cleaning the dryer vent will solve the problem.

Keep your restaurant clean

It's important for restaurants to keep environments clean and when the dryer vent kitchen exhaust hood isn't cleaned systematically, kitchen odors will reach the dining area. Restaurant dryer vent cleaning will ensure grease and dirt are removed and steam will find its way out say our experts in El Monte.

Be vigilant for signs of dryer duct blockage

The symptoms of dryer duct blockage are easy to notice, according to our experts in El Monte The clothes require longer drying and they are hotter after the machine has done its job. The unit itself is much warmer to touch. In such cases, emergency duct cleaning is needed.

Air duct cleaning is important

According to our experts, there are homes that completely neglect to clean their air ducts, not knowing its importance. Our air ducts are like the lungs of our home, so keeping them clean is not something that can be overlooked. Failure to keep them clean can even lead to sicknesses.

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