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Indoor Air Quality

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When it comes to living, nobody wants to sacrifice quality. This is perhaps one reason why many people choose to settle in El Monte City. This bustling city is located in the Los Angeles County of Southern California. Proudly bearing the slogan ‘Welcome to Friendly El Monte’, this city is a home to more than 113, 000 people who puts quality of living on top of their priority list. A good quality of living also entails convenience and comfort at home. This involves a good indoor air quality home; something which we, at Indoor Air Quality El Monte, specializes at.

Indoor Air Quality

What factors are involved in improving the indoor air quality of your homes? For one, a regular Air Quality Testing should be done. As we know, health risks caused by air pollution are not only acquired outside your home, but inside as well. These risks are simply unavoidable. In fact, some research indicates that 90% of a regular person’s house is spent indoors, may it be at home, or in a working environment. Yet, this does not mean that you are not given an opportunity to make informed options. Air pollution inside your house is a risk which can be handled early on.


True enough, there are countless of air cleaners in the market today. Some are inexpensive, such as table-top models, while others are expensive and sophisticated whole house systems. However, nothing beats the professional assistance of a reputable indoor air cleaning company. Our company, Indoor Air Quality El Monte provides services such as Air Filter Cleaning and HVAC Unit Cleaning. These processes are well studied, and follow the guidelines as recommended by organizations maintaining standard across Indoor Air Quality Businesses. We start with making sure that your air ducts at home are free from dirt and moisture. If these two entities are present, growth of biological contaminants is highly possible, posing a high risk of being distributed in your home, or in your office. Thus, we make sure that even though stopping presence of moisture is not possible, controlling it is something we take care of.


This is done by correcting any leaks of water found inside the ducts. If standing water is present under the cooling coils of your system, we provide services to remove them by making sure that drain pans accurately slope down the drain. HVAC maintenance also involves making sure that construction of air handling units make it possible for maintenance to have easy access to your system components for thorough cleaning and maintenance. We also take into consideration that though humidifiers can freely be used, proper maintenance should never be sacrificed. Also, since we are dealing with moisture control, steam cleaning, as well as other ways which involves moisture and steam should be avoided in any duct work performed.


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Again, all these services are pre-studied, and in accord with the standards set by an organization focused on making sure that every individual gets his right to a clean air-outdoors, and indoors. Self maintenance and cleaning may do well, but it may not be thorough enough to guarantee an overall satisfaction. We at Indoor Air Quality El Monte are looking forward to serving your needs as we are proud to say that we are one of the best companies in the area to promptly answer your air duct cleaning needs.

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